BTC 0.049 Bitcoin payment #6 –

Completed payment!

Date: 2019-05-25
Amount: 0.049 BTC
Payment method: Bitcoin
Recipient: irrkis

Comment: this is lootbits BTC withdrawal proof to my blockchain wallet address. Also join blockckain for free XLM bonus su you can get even more!

Source: submitted directly

7 Replies to “BTC 0.049 Bitcoin payment #6 –”

  1. Hello,
    I’m also trying to get the bitcoin on the “Lootbits”.
    My box level is 4 and I can get smaller amount of bitcoin than before. (average amount : 30~990 satoshi per one time.)

    How did you get the minimum withdrawal (0.049 bit) so fast?
    Do you have any good method?

    1. Well, I guess it depends on luck a bit. And make sure you always use all things on the site like offers, invites, daily, etc. I noticed that when I use these my win rate increases a lot.

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