Payment Proof Compilation – (June 2023)

This is a compilation of payment screenshots and videos received by users of The withdrawal proof is collected from multiple sources, including forum posts, videos and reviews.

Given the abundance of platforms promising free rewards and cash, it is crucial to research before committing your time and effort to a specific platform. asserts that users can earn real cash through various crypto methods by actively participating on their platform.

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1. 67.3124 TRX (~$4.95) withdrawal
Payment date: 2023-06-22 

67.3124 TRX (~$4.95) withdrawal proof

Tron payouts are valuable in particular, as it seems that some of them include message from “💰 Hopping withdrawal”. Here you can see such example:

2. 68.463328 TRX (~$4.79) withdrawal
Payment date: 2023-06-20

Tron payout proof –

3. 70.5 DOGE (~$4.90) withdrawal from
Payment date: 2023-06-24

DOGE payout screenshot from user

4. $5.21 TRX payout –
Payment date: 2023-06-23
This payout is above $5 which means that the user did not choose the maximum sum and went for a lower amount as long as there was TRX in stock available. payout proof

5. Bitcoin payout –
A screenshot from a video.

This is a screenshot from a video of receiving payout

6. $10 TRON payout from
A higher sum withdrawn by user on June 23rd, as usually users choose to withdraw the minimum $5 as soon as they reach it.

$10 TRX withdrawal – Hoppinh

It is highly beneficial to search for payout proof videos on YouTube before registering on any platform for several reasons. Firstly, payout proof videos provide concrete evidence of the platform’s legitimacy and its ability to fulfill its promises. By watching these videos, you can witness real users showcasing their successful payout experiences, which helps build trust and confidence in the platform. Secondly, such videos often offer insights into the overall user experience, including the reliability of customer support and the ease of withdrawing earnings. Additionally, payout proof videos can reveal any potential red flags or negative experiences shared by users, serving as a valuable warning to steer clear of dubious platforms. Ultimately, conducting this research on YouTube empowers potential users to make informed decisions and avoid wasting time and effort on platforms that may not deliver as promised.

You can find several recent videos by users where they withdraw their earnings and showcase the process.

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Payment Proof Compilation 2022 –

Completed payment!

Date: 2022-05-16
Amount: $50+
Payment method: BitCoin, DogeCoin
Recipient: multiple recipients
Source: Telegram channels, forums, Discord groups, how to earn cash , how to earn money , how to get paid

Comment: a compilation of multiple withdrawal / payout screenshots posted by multiple users.

$0.19 Tron payment 2022 –

Completed payment!

Date: 2022-02-02
Amount: $0.19 
Payment method: Tron

Comment: a quick payment from fauucetcrypto to my Tron wallet. Just wanted to see how fast the withdrawals work. Payment was instant.

Source: direct submission.