$31.60 Paypal payment – adf.ly

Completed payment!

ADF.ly payment proof to PayPal wallet

Website: adf.ly
Date: 2018-08-09
Amount: $31.60 
Payment method: PayPal
Recipient: Anonymous

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Source: https://bestadnetworks.org/adfly-review/

$100 Paypal payment video – popspins.com

Completed payment!

Website: popspins.com
Date: 2018-11-26
Amount: $100 
Payment method: PayPal
Recipient: andruuuja

Comment: AMAZING SITE!!!I withdraw to Paypal and it arrived in same day. took me 4 days to spin and reach $100, I already spent most of it lol xDHelp me reach my second payout and I will post the proof on litecoin this time. I need some more regs to get level 5 for more spins and faster game

Source: YouTube