$100 Paypal payment 2019 #1 – blocksmash.io

Completed payment!

Website: blocksmash.io
Date: 2019-09-21
Amount: $100 
Payment method: PayPal
Recipient: Chris K

Comment: Hello, I just wanted to share my first payment proof from this new website blocksmash.io. I’ve reached the $100 payout in less than two days and received the money to my Pay Pal. This site is really worth trying! It’s just launched but you can get the rewards pretty fast!

Source: Personal submission (you can submit your payment proof as well!)

4 Replies to “$100 Paypal payment 2019 #1 – blocksmash.io”

    1. It was actually quite easy. Of course you need quite a lot of hits (smash a lot of blocks) but you can get the hits for free. I personally just invited a lot of people through my ref link and completed several higher paying offers and just kept smashing thru. I think free $100 in just a couple of days is great anyways so it’s not actually that hard when you think about it 😉

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